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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy with Heartsong, Vaughan Harris

Sound Therapy Since I was a very young man I have been drawn to the myriad ancient instruments and vocalisation techniques of our world. I consider these to be the original healing modalities available to early humanity. They emanate the most subtle and yet intense overtones and frequencies and have the ability to vibrate every cell within our bodies into positive alignment. This internal shift sends an echo of positive energy into the rest of our energetic bodies and consequently our day-to-day lives.

I have been blessed to assemble a vast array of instruments and skills during my more than 2 decades of sound therapy experience. They range from the ancient to the contemporary and include: Overtone and Throat Chanting, Didgeridoo, Hang, Shaman Drums and a variety of Frame Drums, Singing Bowls from many countries, Tongue Drum, Jaw Harps, Rainsticks, Wave Basket, Gongs, Tingsha, Shakers & Rattles, Embira and Kalimba, Bells, Bullroarer, Chimes, Ocarina’s and all manner of wooden objects that emit various nature sounds.

When taking part in any sound session, be it alone or in collaboration, I feel that the instruments play me and I am a conduit for their potential vibration.


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