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Sales and Merchandise

I supply a variety drum and percussion merchandise: djembes of all sizes, bass drums, drum and instrument bags, percussion instruments and more.


Most of the djembes are sourced from Ghana but I also sell djembes from Ivory Coast and Senegal when they are available. I hand-pick each djembe to ensure the best quality and condition. Ghana djembe prices range from R700 for 9” head diameter to between R1800 and R2000 for 12” and 13”. There is also a significant discount for bulk orders.

Drum Rope

I supply 4mm, 5mm and 6mm PPM or Dyneema rope for drums. Prices range from R4 per meter to R12 per meter depending on thickness and quality of the rope.

Reconditioned Djembes

I am always refurbishing and reconditioning djembes which go on sale as soon as they come out of my workshop. These drums have been stripped and rebuilt, going through a complete sanding and wood treatment process before a new skin and new rope is added. They range in price from R3500 to R4500 and up depending on the quality of the drum.

Djembe Straps

Djembe straps sell for R60 per 4.2m strap and are available in a number of colours

Drum bags and custom bags

I supply bags for all djembe sizes and can have your drum bag custom made to fit your djembe perfectly. In addition, custom bags for any instruments can be made to your exact specifications.

Standard Djembe bags come in 5 sizes:

  • Extra large    14” djembe
  • Large    12” and 13” djembe
  • Medium large    11” djembe
  • Medium – 10” djembe
  • Small – 9” djembe

Please contact me for prices, as they may vary according to the size of the order and any custom requirements.


Mesmerised by the Hang: A beautifully haunting hang duet CD by Vaughan Harris and Neil Jourdan.

CD’s are available at R150 each.

Bass Drums | Dundun, Sangban & Kenkeni

The bass drum sets are made to order. The shells are made from staves and are available in various woods such as pine, meranti, ash and a variety of hardwoods. Drum stands are also made to order. Delivery is typically 4 to 6 weeks from receipt of an order.


When it Thunders: A powerful and energetic drum and percussion CD encompassing drum music from South Africa, West Africa, the Middle East and more.

CD’s are available at R150 each.