Drumming Lessons

There are currently two drumming lessons per month with an additional professional training class.  The Joy of Drumming Group and the Foundations of Djembe Course are open to the public, whereas the Professional Drum Training is only available to more advanced drummers. Read all about the different classes below.

Lesson Information

All lessons are held on the first 3 Saturdays of the every month. (All lesson dates are subject to change due to public holidays and/or Fire Dance dates)

Time: Classes start at 9am and run for 4 hours until 1pm.

Rates: The fee per lesson is R480. Professional Training class is R800 per month.

Venue: Unity College in Chartwell North Estates. The venue has both an indoor and outdoor space, allowing lessons to continue in all weather conditions. The Professional class meets at a different location.

The lessons cover: A variety of rhythms and multi-part ensembles, rhythm exercises and activities. A sacred approach is used towards the drums and drumming. Students can expect many hours of music and laughter.

Available Classes

  •  Joy of Drumming Group

The Joy of Drumming class takes place on the first Saturday of every month. This group has been given the name Tunu, which is the Swahili word for Calm. Vaughan has chosen this name as it is his intention to bring a sense of calm to each Joy of Drumming class. The class itself will focus on a variety of drum ensembles including many foundation rhythm ensembles. The ensembles will be carefully selected with the essence of joy, calm and peace in mind.

The Tunu class is perfect for the drummer that has taken time to gather drum and rhythm knowledge and experience, especially those that have completed any of Vaughan’s Beginner drumming courses offered over the past 17 years.


  • Foundations of Djembe Course

The Foundation of Djembe class will take place on the second Saturday of every month. This course is 6 months in duration and replaces Vaughan’s previous Beginner lessons. The Foundations class has been named Usawa, the Swahili word for Balance. Through learning to use both hands and arms equally ,we create balance in our brains and body. This class will resemble beginner lessons but different in the sense that it is a much more intensive course focusing on the most important Djembe rhythms and ensembles.

Learning foundation rhythms is key to becoming a drummer who is comfortable at any drumming occasion, such as drum circles. Drummers of all experience levels will gain invaluable knowledge during this course.


  • Professional Drum Training

The Professional Drum Training class will take place on the third Saturday of every month. This class has been given the name Ayeye, which is the Yoruba word for Celebrate. Vaughan has extensive experience in working with groups creating drum music arrangements, which will be the main focus for this class. A very high level of dedication will be required as this class amounts to drum university. Study and preparation will therefore be expected before each lesson. When one drums at this level, another dimension of drumming will be opened to all participants. Please contact Vaughan if you wish audition for Ayaye.


  • Private Djembe Tuition

Although the Djembe is a social drum which works best in a group setting, private lessons are available for those who require technical adjustment to their playing style. Private lessons are most beneficial to those that need their Djembe style tweaked and enhanced.The cost of a private session is R500 per hour.

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