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I am Vaughan Harris and I formed Heartsong in 2002. Heartsong encompasses all the creative, musical and spiritual pursuits that make my heart sing and presents a platform for my ever evolving journey through music, sound, art and the written word.

I am a sound therapist, African drummer, percussionist, world musician, composer and performer. I love the creative process within music, art, crafts and poetry.

My calling is working through frequency and vibration to help people shift and process everything from day to day issues to childhood trauma and even past incarnation wounds. I do this profound work through drumming and sound therapy. 

The drumming aspect of my work happens partly through drumming lessons, workshops and retreats but also through playing the Shaman drum and performing drum music. I am a percussion teacher focussing on the West African djembe, related drums and percussion. I love the sound and feel of West African drums but don’t follow the West African drumming traditions too closely. I prefer to take traditional ensembles and adjust them to feel more open, groovy and modern.

I am a composer and performer of mostly percussion based music interspersed with Hang and other of the world’s indigenous instruments. I feel a deep reverence for the transformative power of our planet’s ancient and indigenous instruments and I endeavour to share this passion and essence with all people I come into contact with.


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“My Calling: Frequencies of Sound, Percussion of Africa and beyond , Fire Dance Chief, Shamanic Tools.” – Vaughan Harris