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Heartsong has been beating for over 16 years through the immense love of its founder, Vaughan Harris, and is incredible talent for all things musical! Whether you are looking for healing, drumming lessons, a perfectly tuned djembe, or an unforgettable sound journey, you have come to the right place for all of this and so much more. With decades of knowledge to guide you, talent to inspire you, and lessons to challenge you, Vaughan’s Heartsong will leave you with a soulful swing in your step.

Vaughan Harris is a renowned sound therapist, African drummer, percussionist, world musician, composer, and performer. He is also chiefs the Fire Dance which you can read more about here.

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“My calling is working through frequency and vibration to help people shift and process everything from day to day issues to childhood trauma and even past incarnation wounds. I do this profound work through drumming and sound therapy” – Vaughan Harris

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“I feel a deep reverence for the transformative power of our planet’s ancient and indigenous instruments and I endeavour to share this passion and essence with all people I come into contact with.” – Vaughan Harris